Viton 7
Part code: 5107

Designed for heavy duty use, the Viton range is intended for applications where resistance to more aggressive chemicals is required, particularly with water based solutions of proprietary cleaning, degreasing, disinfecting and stripping materials.

The performance and life of your sprayer can be maintained with the annual service kit and its uses increased with the accessories detailed below.

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Annual Service Kit - viton 5, 7, 10 ltr - 4094 0000

Maintain the performance and life of your Viton sprayer with the annual service kit. Contents: 1x tap spring, 1x pad tap, 1x non return valve, 2x washer, 14 x various size O rings, 1 x silicon grease.

Sprayer Hose - 4099P0000

Replacement hose for all 5-10 litre sprayers. Contents: 1 x2m hose for 5-10lt sprayer

Hose only
Pressure Release Valve - 4102 0000

Replacement pressure regulator for 5-10 litre sprayers. Contents: 1x pressure release valve, 1 x nut, plus a spanner to aid the removal and installation of the pressure release valve.

Spray Nozzle Set - 4103P0000

Accessory pack containing replacement nozzles for pressure sprayers. Contents: 1x jet spray nozzle, 1x fan spray nozzle for use with a weedkiller cone.

Trigger Handle - standard - 4104 0000

Replacement handle for 5-10 litre pressure sprayers.Quick and easy to attach to the existing hose and lance. Contents: 1x handle, 1 x trigger

Extension Lance - 4106P0000

Fibre glass extension lance for use with pressure sprayers - for those difficult to reach areas Contents: 1x pultrusion lance, 1x extension adapter 1x lance adpater 1x tube nut

This item is not compatible with the Hozelock Pressure washer 100, 130 or 150

Harness - standard - 4108 0000

Sprayer harness for use with standard 5-10 litre pressure sprayers. Carrying strap replacement. Contents: carrying strap with buckles.

Weedkiller Cone - 4112P0000

Weed killer cone accessory for use with all 5-16 litre pressure sprayers.Specifically used to prevent spray drift when using weed killer treatments Contents: 1 x weed killer cone with fan spray nozzle fitted.