Killaspray Plus 7
Part code: 4907

The Killaspray Plus range is our premium sprayer range, purposely designed to give easy, accurate & even application of water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides & water-soluble fertilisers.

You can increase the life and performance of your sprayer with the annual service kit and increase where you can you use it with the accessories detailed below.

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Pressure Release Valve - 4102 0000

Replacement pressure regulator for 5-10 litre sprayers. Contents: 1x pressure release valve, 1 x nut, plus a spanner to aid the removal and installation of the pressure release valve.

Sprayer Hose - 4099P0000

Replacement hose for all 5-10 litre sprayers. Contents: 1 x2m hose for 5-10lt sprayer

Hose only
Trigger Assembly- killaspray plus & knap - 4105 0000

Replacement handle for Killaspray Plus and Knapsack sprayers. Quick and easy to attach to the existing hose and lance. Contents: 1 x trigger handle, 2x hose nuts.

Harness - killaspray plus - 4110 0000

Sprayer harness for Killaspray Plus 5-10 litre pressure sprayers. Comfortable, adjustable carry strap replacement to allow backpack use. Contents: grey carrying strap with buckles.

Telescopic Lance - 4107 0000

Telescopic lance for those difficult to reach areas Contents: 1x telescopic lance, 1x nozzle.

Weedkiller Cone - 4112P0000

Weed killer cone accessory for use with all 5-16 litre pressure sprayers.Specifically used to prevent spray drift when using weed killer treatments Contents: 1 x weed killer cone with fan spray nozzle fitted.

Annual Service Kit 5,7,10 ltr - 4092 0000

Maintain the performance and life of your sprayer with the annual service kit. Contents: 1x tap spring, 1x pad tap, 1x non return valve, 2x washer, 14 x various size O rings, 1 x silicon grease.

Spray Nozzle Set - 4103P0000

Accessory pack containing replacement nozzles for pressure sprayers. Contents: 1x jet spray nozzle, 1x fan spray nozzle for use with a weedkiller cone.