Bioforce 5500 UVC
Part code: 1384

Improved, compact and highly effective pressurised pond filters now with Easy Clean capability. Suitable for ponds up to 5500ltrs.

Only suitable for Bioforce products from 2007 onwards.

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Small Bioforce Foam coarse - 1397 0000

Foam to fit 3000, 5500, 8000 models Contents: 1 coarse foam

Replacement foam advice 

If a filter uses more than one foam component – never replace all foams at the same time.  Replace 25-30% of the foams then wait a couple of days and repeat, make sure you arrange the foams by order of grade from fine to coarse. This reduces the risk of killing nitrifying bacteria that are essential to maintaining a functioning pond filter. 

Feeding should be stopped or considerably reduced until all the foams are replaced.

Quartz Tube (5w/9w) - 1523 0000

UV bulb protective cover Contents: 1 x quartz tube with black retainer clamp and 2 green o rings Please order 2 for Vorton 18000 (1554)

This product can not be shipped to the USA.Is not suitable for pre-2002 Bioforce

Bioforce Nut & Hosetail set (x3) - Z12225

Hosetails (small) with fitted clamping nut and sealing o ring Contents: 3 x hosetails

Lamp 9w PLS TUV - 1520X0000

1 UV bulb Contents: 1x 9w lamp Please order 2 for Vorton 18000 (1554)


Bioforce Lid Clip - Z12155

Set of 7 clips for Bioforce pond filters Contents: 7 x plastic clips

Bioforce O-ring Service Kit - Z12076

Complete set of seals for Bioforce filters (post 2001) Contents: 1 x Lid seal,1 x D seal, 1 x outlet seal, 1 x outer quartz o rings