40m Auto Reel 2595
Part code: 2595 0000

The ultimate easy to use hose reel. The 40m AutoReel allow you to smoothly and easily rewind the hose with no kinks, tangles or effort. Comes with 40m of premium anti-kink hose and all necessary fittings

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Annual Service Kit - GREY - Z71022

Contains replacement inlet assembly, new ball stop, and silicone grease to lubricate inlet prior to replacement

30m/40m Auto Reel Bracket - YELLOW - Z71025

30m/40m Auto Reel Wall Bracket for green Auto Reel. Due to a new product launch,. this bracket is not suitable for the new 30m autoreel product code number 2403 if you require this bracket please call 01213131122.

Hose Guide - 2392 0000

Universal hose guide. Allows hose to be guided around corners. Recomended for use with all wall mounted reels