Jet Brush: High spec hand held brush, features integral detergent tank, and adjustable flow jet spray.

Car brush for cleaning family size cars and motor bikes.

Short rotating brush for cleaning family size cars and motor bikes.

Car brush for cleaning 4X4, estate cars, MPV's and caravans.

Code: 2608

Brush designed for patio cleaning.

Code: 2621P0000

Car brush shampoo sticks

Code: 2674

Compact spraygun with three spray patterns, perfect for cleaning.

Code: 2676

Compact spraygun with five spray patterns perfect for watering and cleaning - packed with features.

Code: 2690

Stylish metal bodied gun with a choice of jet or cone spray pattern.

Code: 2682

Premium Spray Gun - The perfect gun for outdoor cleaning.

Code: 2691

Stylish metal bodied gun featuring eight varied spray patterns.

Premium multi spray gun - The perfect gun for outdoor watering.

Code: 2686

Premium spray gun - the ultimate watering and cleaning spray gun.

Code: 2687

Ultra Tough Jet Gun - The ultimate outdoor cleaning gun.

Ultra Tough Spray gun - The ultimate watering and cleaning gun.

Code: 2683

Multi-purpose hose end attachment designed to perform a range of watering functions